Russell Throckmorton

In The Name of Authenticity

I am flawed.

Last week I drove right into our first big snow storm.  It took me four hours to get to work.  My family was with me because we needed to stop by our attorney’s office to get documents signed. The roads were horrible and I was quickly losing my patience.  I gave a quick prayer up to God asking for patience.

THEN IT HAPPENED!  While driving next to the university.  I saw a young man riding to class in the middle of a storm… On a UNICYCLE!  I lost it.  How can anybody be so stupid.  Is this what our Universities are producing.  After my minute long tirade about wisdom and idiots, I looked in my rear view mirror to my children laughing.  My daughter reminded me I just asked God for patience.

I blew it.  God is so faithful to teach me in areas I need to grow in.   When you pray for opportunities to grow watch out.. they are coming.

russellthrockmorton • November 9, 2015

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